Complete Package
We can help you with the development of your business model, planning, and feasibility studies as well as delivering a financial package for capital improvements for a new CareCyte facility.

Because of the speed and economy with which a CareCyte facility can be delivered, often it will be less expensive (and significantly more efficient from various operational standpoints) to build a new facility than to replace an old one and cope with the many compromises and high costs of remodeling an older, out-moded facility.
In the delivery of healthcare services, lives are at stake. The quality of care is fundamental, and the specification of facilities requires care and attention. The raising or formation of capital for an investment in a new facility is always time consuming, and often difficult.

CareCyte has well established financial partners, and often can provide turnkey financing for the delivery of a new facility.

CareCyte facilities are extremely efficient. Built economically, they also save enormous amounts of money over time with their operational efficiencies. At CareCyte we design, manufacture, assemble, and deliver the highest quality healthcare facilities to our clients.

Our clients operate under many different economic models, because they have a variety of requirements in funding their capital projects. Typical arrangements include straight leases where CareCyte retains ownership of a facility (and land if you choose), financing and acquisition arrangements where after construction and commissioning you take ownership of the facility, and credit sale and leaseback arrangements.