A Community Clinic. 6400 sq ft. Under $3,000,000 all in, including design and construction. Less than 10 months from inception to occupancy, aside from local permitting processes.
Unprecedented Economics
  • A CareCyte facility delivers significantly better returns to the owner-user when compared to a hospital designed and built using today's design and construction techniques.
  • Considering renovation or expansion? Very often a careful examination will reveal that with CareCyte technology you could build and operate a whole new facility for less than remodeling and expanding the current facility.
  • Operationally miserly, CareCyte facilities conserve scarce resources without compromising care.
  • CareCyte's approach to organizing the work inside healthcare facilities was developed and tested in California's demanding healthcare environment, where the approach demonstrated the capacity to reduce building footprints and staffing requirements up to 40%.
Design & Build
CareCyte has taken a new approach to engineering healthcare facilities, working from the traditions and experience of the aircraft, automobile, and manufacturing industries. Our facilities are manufactured from steel in factories. Customized, precision-manufactured parts are delivered to the building site and assembled there in a few weeks' time. CareCyte uses integrated computer tools throughout the design and manufacturing processes.

From this approach, CareCyte facilities gain several extraordinary advantages:

  • Near-laminar airflows throughout the facilities, with pre- and post- filtration as a standard feature, eliminate the turbulent airflows of traditional facilities that mix clean air with potentially contaminated air, spreading pathogens, and contributing to nosocomial infections. The huge emerging public health crisis of nosocomial infections cannot be addressed by retrofitting traditional facilities.
  • Lightweight yet strong construction, capable of carrying very heavy loads gives medical planners and architects extraordinary flexibility. CareCyte facilities have standard 80-foot clearspans, with none of the normally ubiquitous constraints of interior bearing walls, columns, or utility chases. Everything in the space - interior walls, doorways, equipment, and furniture - can be treated as furniture and moved around to support the design of the way work is done in the space.
  • One of the most startling features of our technology is moveable interior walls that allow "overnight" reconfiguration of service spaces. For example, a series of exam rooms can be reconfigured into an operating room literally overnight. This extraordinary flexibility delivers extraordinary benefits for capital planning, dealing with changing client demographics, changes in medical practices, and the like.

Our facility solutions are suitable for applications ranging from ambulatory care centers to clinics to full-scale acute care centers. In their first generation, these distinctive facilities are scalable from approximately 6,400 to 154,000 square feet, in one to four stories.