The work of designing, building, and expanding hospitals happens at an excruciatingly slow pace. The facilities that result are expensive, inflexible, and more often than not, dangerous places to visit or work in. Virtually no one considers the process of constructing a healthcare facility as a catalyst to improving the quality of healthcare service delivery.

We are committed to change this situation.

Who We Are
Seattle-based CareCyte, founded in 2007, is the first company to bring a new, high-tech construction process to healthcare facilities. Ultra-fast design, manufacture, assembly, and commissioning radically simplify traditionally expensive processes, producing strategic improvement opportunities.

Our Origins
CareCyte's technology was conceived in a study group of distinguished doctors, builders, architects, and technologists, convened under the sponsorship of the Seattle Science Foundation by Dr. Robert Franza. Dr. Franza is a founder and CEO of a new firm, Sustainable CyberLearning (SCL), and Affiliate Professor of Bio-Engineering at the University of Washington. The study group began its work with the question of how to design and construct high quality healthcare facilities rapidly and economically for growing demands in the US and around the world.
Chris Raftery, President and Founder
Chris has a stellar reputation as an engineer, developer, and builder in the US Pacific Northwest. He has managed some of the most complex construction projects in the region, including the $1.3 billion Fujitsu semiconductor manufacturing plant in Gresham, Oregon, the first laboratory in the world to cultivate and work with live HIV, and The Experience Music Project. He was a founding member of the Virtual Builder's Roundtable and is known as one of the most creative and innovative leaders in the construction business today. With degrees in both engineering and construction management (from the University of Washington and Stanford University), and a background that includes working as a major project superintendent, he has been instrumental in the delivery of a number of hospitals, research laboratories, and biotech facilities.

Dave Chambers, Chief Architect and Medical Process Designer
Dave has for many years designed healthcare facilities with greatly improved coordination among patients and caregivers. His designs include distinctive integrated-intervention-service units programmed for maximum throughput, single-stop patient-intake centers, and decentralized bedside care configurations. His facilities use staff and resources more efficiently, get patients through procedures faster, and produce higher patient satisfaction. Dave also serves as the Director of Planning, Architecture, and Design for the Sutter Health Group of hospitals in Northern California. He has been a consultant to U.S. Department of Defense, the governments of Canada and the United Kingdom, and other large healthcare providers. A healthcare and hospital architect, Chambers was named one of "Twenty who are making a difference" in 2007 by the Center for Health Design. He graduated from the University of Nebraska.