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CareCyte Responds to the Critical Need for Improved Healthcare Facilities
In response to the clamor for relief from exorbitantly expensive (or nonexistent) services, CareCyte designs, prototypes, optimizes, fabricates, and assembles revolutionary facilities for primary, secondary, and tertiary healthcare service delivery.
  • Improve the experience of both patients and practitioners.
  • Dramatically reduce design, construction, and operating costs.
  • Attack hospital-generated infections.
  • End the tyranny of inflexible, expensive facilities.
  • Networked for telemedicine, ready for molecular medicine.
  • Easily evolve service delivery structures.
  • One-stop shopping: Design/Build/Capital to make your needs a reality.
Do You Know...
Hospitals in US and elsewhere are in trouble. Managing healthcare institutions efficiently and safely has become extraordinarily difficult. Relationships among patients, doctors, and insurers are cumbersome and expensive. Doctors are rushed and pressured to spend less time with patients. Patients are confused and badly directed. Doctors and nurses are overworked; many are underpaid. Hospitals are dangerous places to visit and work in. Underneath all this, hospital and healthcare service planning, construction, administration and patient records are complex, expensive, and difficult to improve.
  • Growing US healthcare costs are unsustainable: now over $2 trillion a year, they are moving relentlessly towards 20% of US GDP.
  • Each year two million people contract and 80,000+ die from hospital-generated (nosocomial) infections. Cost to all of us: more than $50 billion a year.
  • Administration accounts for 31% of current US healthcare costs.
  • The aging US population is asking for help in living longer, more vigorous lives, and demanding health care, rather than simply sick-care.